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A cold evening in The City of London, running late due to tube delays… I  arrive to meet Mrs Wilberforce on the outskirts of the Occupy London area. After a brief look around, we headed in to the center of the site as the speaker system pumps out some classic prodigy tracks and we are greeted by some very high spirited, dancing individuals.

The site was amazing it had a Library, Kitchen, University and it was all powered by three big solar panels there was such a vibe in the air I can’t describe it but it was incredible. Shortly after we arrive at 19.00 a General Assembly commenced people gathered around the central point and people took to the stand to tell of the day in court, details of the appeal and more.

What I want to tell you is; about the spirit, the kindness and just the grassroots community of wonderful people that were involved in the camp. We heard from a lady during the General Assembly she was of Irish origins and had been living without a home in London for quite some time. She delivered such an organic speech right from her heart about how the St Paul’s site and the Occupy Movement had affected her life in such a positive way.

She made friends who looked after her and she had severe epilepsy and she spoke of how when she suffered from the effects of a fit how the people of Occupy looked after her and made sure she got through. She was kept dry and safe, fed and watered through pure community spirits really demonstrating what Occupy is all about deep in it’s roots developing exactly how community spirit, kindness and sharing is a big step first towards creating equality and a better future.

By this time she was breaking down in tears trying to thank everyone involved for everything that had been done to help her and ultimately that she didn’t know what she would do without the Movement. It was such a touching, emotional and empowering few moments that will never leave my mind. It was nothing short of incredible like the site and the movement.

Occupy London Stock Exchange at St Paul’s is to be evicted as ordered by The City of London Corporation tonight and police will be moving in soon. It is an absolute shame and disaster… But I don’t doubt that this Spring & Summer will bring a whole new wave of Occupy action across the world and everyone should do their very best to get involved.

We are all connected.

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such a good interpretation of society!

such a good interpretation of society!

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The Occupied Wall Street Journal newspaper, published in several languages by the Occupy movement. The publication includes articles written by prominent political analysts and information backing up the critical claims of the movement. New York City, October 9 2011.

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if you’re not up to date with this you’re probably stupid


NATO Protests - Chicago 2012 by Tall Tale Productions

I am an unbiased observer in attendance only to document. Footage is edited out of context for entertainment purposes only. Any assumptions on the motives or actions shown within are unintentional.


Chicago Police Van Plows Through NATO Protesters